Client Shout Outs

WHY Annie Armen

Annie Armen is The Communications Artist! 
I have gotten to know Annie Armen very well for the past 3 years and I know unique talent when I see it. I hired Annie to take on a rigorous book project for me that very few people could have done, comprising over 650 pages written by -- here's the challenging part -- 31 contributing authors, including hers; 22 of the 31 contributing authors never wrote a book or even a chapter before, yet experts at what they do.

Annie Armen pulled it off in spades, beyond my expectations!  She not only edited the whole book, she managed the entire project, coached authors, made the chapters flow intelligently and lucidly, maintained each respective writer’s essence and personal style, authored a chapter and as if that wasn't enough, she also found 5 other key, business disciplines that were not written about and brought those authors to the table for the ultimate topper.  Thanks to Annie’s relentless help and execution, I now have a book that will drive revenues to my speaking, consulting and training business.

Whether it involves managing a book project, leading a team, editing, writing, coaching, providing key insights with directional edge that makes a statement and sells, being interviewed by Annie over the radio, or delivering a speech with conviction on her impactful methods for conveying key cultural disciplines in any environment – Annie Armen is The Communications Artist who stands out with her exceptional abilities.

Refreshingly Honest, strong, sound convictions and beliefs, personally and professionally experienced, passionate, driven, while having a good heart and strong character … I highly endorse Annie Armen’s professional services.

~ Don Farrell
Author of "Ethical Theft"
Chief Cultivating Officer at Fresh Revenues, Inc.

WHY Annie Armen

Annie Armen Does it!
Some dream it, some plan it, some talk it…Annie does it.  Annie has two key qualities which drive her own high performance and can drive your performance too – passion and integrity.

Annie is on a mission to serve as a bridge between your vision & your performance. Turning visions into success stories. In partnership, she will combine her undoubted business, communications and interpersonal skills to lead and inspire you and your team. 

Put your trust in this lady and enjoy the ride. I am delighted to recommend Annie as the ultimate Communications Artist!”

~John McGrann
Chief Executive Officer at Drive Social Media, headquartered in Dubai.


WHY Annie Armen    
Annie Armen is ALL Heart!
"I have done many radio shows and public appearances and have never worked with someone as loyal and organized as Annie Armen. Not only is she a great person, she truly cares about her listeners, produces all programs, and speaks the truth, even if it is not readily accepted by the general public.

What sets Annie apart from others is her heart, and her gift in communicating your message in a relatable manner across barriers, helping you establish real connection with your target audience! I have made a true friend in Annie for life. We need more people like Ms. Armen in the world who stand up for what they believe in and spread the TRUTH to the masses.

Annie, thank you for helping my dream become a reality over the  years! Everyday the work you do changes the lives of thousands of people.  I am truly blessed to have you in my life!" 
  ~ Dr. Edward F. Group III, DC, ND, DACBN, DABFM
  Author of The Green Body Cleanse Founder, CEO and    Clinical Director at Global Healing Center ____________________________________________________________________

WHY Annie Armen  

Annie Armen is a CAT5 Hurricane!
Having worked with Annie Armen over the past six months, I am confident in saying that Annie “The Hurricane” Armen (like all hurricanes) should not be underestimated.

Annie’s meticulous approach toward Communications Project Management is unmatched!  Her attention to detail is by far, the best I have seen when it comes to ensuring “A Platinum”, end product. She is relentlessly driven toward precision with consistency and will not stop until she is completely satisfied that EVERY detail has been addressed in your best interest with excellence.

When you engage in Annie Armen's Communication Services for your project, be prepared – “She’s a CAT5 Hurricane” who completely blows away her competition. 

~Greg Winey
President, NorthPointe Hospitality Consultants, LLC

Special Referral AcknowledgmentGreg Winey of NorthPointe Hospitality Consultants, LLC referred by Don Farrell, Chief Cultivating Officer of Fresh Revenues, IncThank you! ___________________________________________________________________________

WHY Annie Armen

Annie Armen's Eye is Surgical, Her Ear Musical!
For a writer to accept challenge to his prose and options to his presentation is a heady situation. Annie Armen handled it with aplomb, tact and precision. With the reading audience in mind and harnessing the author's passion and insight, she beautifully helped translate my work.  We debated word usage, abbreviations, highlighted statements, assertions and assumptions.  Her eye was surgical, her ear, musical.  Annie led me to a terrific, prideful final product!

~John R. Hendrie
Principal at Hospitality Performance

Special Referral AcknowledgmentJohn R. Hendrie from Hospitality Performance, referred by Don Farrell, Chief Cultivating Officer of Fresh Revenues, Inc.  Thank you! ___________________________________________________________________________ 
WHY Annie Armen

Annie Armen is the best verbal visualizer I have ever met!  She is a true talent for helping people see through listening, capable of moving audiences off their seats and into the heat of battle with passion, purpose and highly motivated action.  Her approach is honest, fresh and most of all fun!

If you are looking for someone to motivate and inspire an audience to Excellence in Action... to one day become a Legend In Excellence™... look no further. You found Annie “The Hurricane” Armen ... a powerful natural force for achievement!

~E. R. Haas -- CEO and Publisher, Think TQ, Inc. Proud Publisher of
Annie Armen's Legends in Excellence

WHY Annie Armen  

Annie Armen IS ON FIRE!
I have known Annie Armen for over 10 years and I don’t believe it is possible to accurately convey the true depth and breadth of her indefatigable efforts to help others succeed in every aspect of business and life. Annie Armen has helped us with our global network; she has been great to our BNI organization and has gone out of her way to help people all around the world ... Shes sincere and passionate about what she does.     

They say that Ignorance on Fire is better than knowledge on ice. Annie Armen has the best combination of both! She's knowledgeable and SHE IS ON FIRE!  Annie Armen is a living, breathing example of success through uncompromising Faith and never bowing to the seemingly impossible.   

 I HIGHLY recommend Annie Armen as a Speaker.    
~Dr. Ivan Misner, Founder and Chairman at BNI ___________________________________________________________________________

WHY Annie Armen

Annie Armen's Keen Insights and Strategic Tips Alone are Invaluable and Authentic!
Annie Armen is unlike any other Senior Executive Producer you have ever met, a human hurricane indeed. With her own successful, syndicated radio shows airing every week on the VoiceAmerica network for the past 7 years, her years of broadcasting and production experiences with television and traditional radio since 2000, and with her latest work produced - Legends in Excellence, the audio series, Annie has both the personal and professional expertise to not only see the world from your point of view, but communicate your heart's vision with passion and clarity.  

She has been there and done that, and as the passion provocateur that she is, expect your inner best to be provoked within seconds when you enter into one conversation with The Hurricane.
  Annie is THE MUST USE person to grow with and learn from on how to successfully lead and produce your own Radio Show.  Her keen insights and strategic tips alone are invaluable and authentic.  

If you are curious and love to discover new ways of thinking, learning and succeeding in the world of media by hosting your very own radio show, LOOK NO FURTHER -- Annie Armen is your premier resource as your senior executive producer.       

Annie has personally helped me grow in my already extensive career, and that is no easy matter at my age.  Her questioning and writing ability are at a Senior Mastery level.  I am so grateful to have found Annie in my life and career to lead me along in excellence as a Talk Radio Personality, and I know you will be too.  ~Stephen Haines, Founder, CEO and Global Strategist, Haines Centre

WHY Annie Armen    
Annie Armen's Enthusiasm is Contagious!

Dear Annie,  
On behalf of the management and the board of directors at RBN, I wanted to take a moment to sincerely thank you for speaking to our group last week.Your presentation and performance was well targeted for our audience of business owners and entrepreneurs.

Your use of humor and your ability to make your subject very understandable made your presentation a great success.
Your enthusiasm was contagious!
We at RBN thoroughly benefited from your presentation and enjoyed the way you delivered your message! 

~Yousef Shafiee
President/CEO, Relationship Building Network (RBN)
Live Support