Monday, August 15, 2011

What is YOUR Definition of a Perfect Partnership in Business?

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"A PERFECT PARTNERSHIP has no hidden agendas, a single purpose and an insatiable commitment to delivering incremental revenues resulting in a mutual beneficial relationship." ~Don Farrell, Chief Cultivating Officer at Fresh Revenues, Inc., Author of Ethical Theft

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Don Farrell started his hospitality career as a pot scrubber and worked through 30 different jobs on his way up to becoming the Founder and Chairman of the best and largest sales and service training company in the world -- Signature, Inc.  Don now writes, speaks, conducts workshops and consults with very "select" clients showing them how to produce FRESH Revenues when others can't.  See Article titled, Stealing Business From Your Competition, Ethical or Unethical?

Questions for Why Annie Armen Readers

1.  What is YOUR Definition of a "Perfect Partnership" in Business?  
2.  Is there even such a thing as "Perfect Partnership" in business?
3.  When do you know you found that "Perfect Partnership" you've always envisioned for your business?

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