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Why Annie Armen Communications (WAAC) Provides Speaking | Writing | Consulting Services and more to help grow your business!

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Expect a highly authentic approach to best address your communication needs with commitment and impact from start to finish. Celebrating 20+ years in Communications Excellence!  Don't take my word for it! See what clients have to say!

Why Am I Here

Imagine the unprecedented impact of owning the answer to this profound yet intimate question will have, both personally and professionally! Annie Armen first uttered the mature question, “WHY am I here” at the tender age of 5, authenticating her life’s work and legacy in action since.

Meet Annie Armen, The Communications Artist -->> an artist in all things communication!   


Helping entrepreneurs, small business owners, and organizational leaders bridge the communication gap across cultural divides, actualize their VISION and grow their business.

Core Values

Faith, Power, and Performance (in that order).
Faith to believe  |  Power to choose  |  Performance to act now


What Makes Annie Armen Unique

"...Annie Armen has that rare ability to speak directly to you on a personal level with life-changing impact." ~Denis Waitley, Author of The Psychology of Winning

Her top 3 core value drivers being Faith, Power, and Performance (in that order) -- they are what authentically set her apart from other professionals, and keep her in constant demand!


Why Choose Us

Simply stated:  YOU wanting to live a life of significance matters to us!

It all boils down to:

1.  What you need right now
2.  What you authentically want to see happen as THE NEXT step toward actualizing your vision

3.  What you are willing to invest toward materializing your vision
4.  What you expect having the end in mind,
5.  How committed you are in crossing the finish line, AND
6.  Why stop there when you can expand to THE NEXT level of where you want to go!

WHY Hire a Communications Artist

“Whether it involves managing a book project, leading a team, editing, writing, coaching, providing key insights with directional edge that makes a statement and sells, being interviewed by Annie over the radio, or delivering a speech with conviction on her impactful methods for conveying key cultural disciplines in any environment -- Annie Armen is The Communications Artist who stands out with her exceptional abilities!

Thanks to Annie’s relentless help and execution, I now have a book that will drive revenues to my speaking, consulting, and training business!” ~
Don Farrell, Chief Cultivating Officer at Fresh Revenues, Inc.


Skills and Specialties

  • Writing | Editing | Copywriting | Proofreading | Content Development, Content Doctoring and Production (script, web, audio, and video).  Writing styles range from conversational to professional, customized per client and medium
  • Substantive Editing (Copyediting Inclusive) across a range of deliverables including books, articles, brochures, newsletters, training decks, signage, branded videos, audio recordings, and more
  • Performance | Thought Leadership | Core Values Coaching and Training
  • Client Relationship Building | Networking Coaching (Loyalty Level)
  • Creating Cross-Cultural Understanding | Negotiations Consulting
  • Broadcasting | How to Host and Produce Your TV or Radio Show
  • Voice Over work for audio books, narrations, documentaries, television and radio commercials, radio ID's, web video projects, and more ... 
  • Authentic Branding | Organic Marketing (Statewide and International) and more...

Accomplishment Highlights and Awards:

      • From 2013 - 2015, part of Professional Speaker Series with Daniels College of Business 
      • Featured Author: Power of Mentorship – Finding Your Passion, in collaboration with world renowned authors Zig Ziglar, Bob Proctor, and Brian Tracy just to name a few.
      • Annie Armen was honored by the California State Senate, County of Los Angeles, United States Senate, and Assembly Members for her accomplishments and dedication to family, service, community, and excellence!  
        • Senior Executive Producer, Director, Host for Annie Armen Show (Television, Terrestrial and Online Radio) -- Marking 10+ Years in Broadcast Excellence

        Bio at a Glance:  

        Annie Armen is the Founder and Communications Specialist at Why Annie Armen Communications (WAAC).  WAAC provides Speaking | Writing | Consulting Services and more to help grow your business! 

        For over 20 years, Annie Armen has advised, inspired, encouraged, empowered and spurred the stellar champion within entrepreneurs, small business owners, and organizational leaders across the globe, to actualize their vision through enterprising action and game-changing performance.  Having earned the plaudits of Congressional Leaders, endorsed by World-Renowned Business Icons, honored by Foreign Dignitaries and leaders for her accomplishments and service to community and excellence, keep her authentic vision and leadership in constant demand.  

        Recognized for being a shining beacon of trust, acknowledged for epitomizing mastery in building trusted relationships through perceptive communications, Annie Armen has been featured as a published author and producer alongside motivational legends including Zig Ziglar, Denis Waitley, Chris Gardner, Dr. Ivan Misner, and many others.  Celebrating 20+ years in Communications Excellence through speaking, writing and consulting, it is this and more that has earned Annie Armen the signature distinction of -- The Communications Artist!   _______________________________________________________

        "Apprehend your vision and work relentlessly toward making it a reality.  WHY?  Only when your vision manifests in tangible form, is when you can set your vision free to the world, and leave your legacy to positively impact future generations to come."  ~Annie Armen

        Let's Take a WAAC at Your NEXT Step(s) Ahead!

        We look forward to serving you!

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