Monday, February 14, 2011

Flaunt Your Marriage!!!

The Value of Commitment in Relationships | Why Annie Armen Blog
How exciting to hear about two people who choose to stay true to their vows, who honor their commitments to one another, who choose NOT to give up when the going gets tough, and stick it out long enough to share in the many roller coaster adventures when riding this train called marriage!

Look, No One Said it Was Ever Going to be Easy

There are times when two people can’t get enough of one another, and then there are times where husband and wife are ready to duke it out (figuratively speaking of course), tempering themselves from having to strangle one another out of daily frustrations.  I suppose it all comes with the territory!  Gotta love being human!

Let’s face it … day in and day out, we hear about broken relationships, betrayals, lies, divorces, and more.  Why?  Here’s the unfortunate truth.  As much as people say they hate drama, it is the VERY event they are drawn to most!  On the one hand, many get all righteous and preach a good game!  Then, not 60 seconds later, he or she will turn the tube on, bump up the volume and intently listen to what’s happening in the lives of celebrities like Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, or watch Jerry Springer, and the like.  Does that make some of us hypocrites?  Without a doubt!  However, once again, gotta love being human! 

So, I decided since others are bountifully covering the "drama" sides of relationships, sex, lust,  and cheating ... I am choosing to celebrate YOUR marriage, YOUR anniversary!  Very rare we hear about or celebrate marriages that last.  WHY?  Probably because there is no juicy gossip, no drama involved, where lives can be wrecked in an instant for the vain purpose of drawing in a crowd to bump up ratings and pointless attention!  Seriously, pretty pathetic if you ask me.

Here’s the Bottom-line 

Staying married and making it work through thick and thin, is a HUGE commitment, HUGE accomplishment, one that is worth celebrating in a MEGA way, shouting through the roof tops! KUDOS TO ALL OF YOU WHO HAVE TAKEN THE MEANING OF RELATIONSHIP, THE MEANING OF MARRIAGE TO A WHOLE NEW LEVEL!
So by all means, FLAUNT YOUR MARRIAGE and introduce yourself here by posting your comments below!  What an honor to have this particular blog post with your marriage shout outs archived for the long-term, inspiring many across the globe! My prayer is for less divorce, less separation, and MORE anniversary celebrations throughout the world!

Challenge to Why Annie Armen Readers

What do you find to be the common denominators between achieving a successful marriage with your significant other in life, and achieving a successful marriage with your business?  How are the two connected, and WHY?

Fire Away!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Annie Armen Show Presents: PART 2 -- The Energy of LOVE in Business and in Life!

Consult with Annie Armen, Communications Artist |

Annie Armen Presents
Topic for DiscussionPart 2 -- The Energy of LOVE in Business and in Life
Featured GuestYOU!

Dear Why Annie Armen Readers:

Wow, it has been years since I last did what I’m about to share with you now.  I'm going to run a special program this week due to receiving many requests and emails throughout the years about conducting an OPEN MIC, LIVE jam session ... phone lines open to all! 

What Does That Mean for You

YOU -- loyal readers and listeners, will be my guests, communicating LIVE on air, straight from the heart! 

WHY Listen In to the Archived Interview on the Annie Armen Show?

The topic will be about the Energy of LOVE -- Your Heart -- YOU!
  • What does LOVE truly mean to you
  • The role LOVE plays in friendships, in making | building | cultivating genuine connections in business, in establishing lasting relationships | marriages, and more
  • Applying LOVE to target the root of fears that get in the way of having life-long connections, of achieving success
  • Thriving with LOVE by tapping into its energy in business and in life, and my favorite… 
  • WHY Love?
What Can You Do

Seize this moment and post your confirmations below that you will be calling in for Part 2 - The Energy of LOVE in Business and in LIFE tonight, at 3pm PT.  Before you know it, you will be broadcasting LIVE with me! 

Folks, let’s rock!  Begin posting below…
Look forward to reading your comments! 

Here’s to hookin’ up with you LIVE with Annie Armen.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Annie Armen Show Presents: Is Your Business & Home Environment Toxic?

Annie Armen Presents

Topic for DiscussionIs Your Business & Home Environment Toxic?
Featured Guest Expert, Long Time Trusted FriendDr. Edward Group III

What is the Root Cause of a Toxic Environment?

CEO for Global Healing Center Dr. Edward Group III Says: "What science does not tell you is that the fastest way to help create a GREEN environment is to reduce the visits to the doctor's office and stop using chemical based toxic products. The truth of the matter is that the root cause of a toxic environment is - PEOPLE!" 

Who is my Trusted Buddy / Guest Expert, Dr. Edward Group III?

In short, Dr. Edward Group is a Doctor of Chiropractic (DC), a Naturopathic Physician (ND), a Diplomate of the American Clinical Board of Nutrition (DACBN), and a Diplomate in American Board of Functional Medicine (DABFM).  He has studied natural healing methods for over 20 years and now teaches individuals and practitioners all around the world the secret to heatlh!  He has shared the podium with world-renowned healthcare leaders including Deepak Chopra, M.D., Julian Whitaker, M.D., Joseph Mercola, D.O, Christine Northrup, M.D., and many more.

Dr. Edward Group is the author of The GREEN Body Cleanse who says:  "True success is measured by your ability to enjoy your passions and achievements after you accomplish them.  Anyone can manifest their desires; but if you're not healthy enough to enjoy them, these triumphs become suffering.  It's my passion to help heal the world and to show others the path to true happiness, passion and success in life!”

WHY TUNE IN TONIGHT on the Annie Armen Show?  Find Out:

1.  What is the single biggest reason why billions of people are suffering from poor health, lack of self confidence, passion and success?
2.  What Does a Toxic Body and Living Environment have to do with Success?
3.  Are you aware that office spaces are most likely making their employees sick?
4.  What are the top 5 ways to clean the air in your home and office space?
5.  So How Green is Green?

Valuable Reads & Resources from Global Healing Center:
Links provided below are personally researched by Dr. Edward Group III.

Question for Why Annie Armen Readers...

Do you have a before/after story you would like to share when you decided to go Green both at home and in your business?

Be sure to post your questions and comments below, after Annie Armen Show.  We want to hear from you.  
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