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Annie Armen Show Presents: Artists ON FIRE (Series) -- Beat 3

"MUSIC is an outburst of the soul."  ~Frederick Delius

Annie Armen Presents

Artists ON FIRE (Series) -- Beat 3
Featured Guest ArtistsPuguh Kribo (Indonesia) and Don Coleman (Canada)
When:  Tuesday, June 28, 2011
Time:  3pm Pacfic | 6pm Eastern

Where:  Annie Armen Show

Who is Hurricane Artist Victim #5:  Puguh Kribo?
Puguh Kribo, originally born in Surabaya, is from Jakarta, Indonesia.  He holds dual bachelor degrees -- One in civil engineering (ST) and the other in law (SH).  Influenced by the spiritual tunes of church music growing up, he began pursuing his passion for music since the age of 9 years old, by learning to play the guitar.  Today, he is an accomplished, award winning guitarist in Indonesia, endorsed by Stranough Guitar.  By day, Puguh is a guitar instructor at music school, and by vision, he is expanding on his dream and passion for music, not only as a respected musician, but also as an accomplished writer, arranger, and music director in Jakarta, Indonesia.  In the recent, Puguh launched his new book, titled “Extreme Speed Picking”, and together with his band, Puguh Kribo and The Tritorium, he launched his new album called, "The Black Kraken" --  the first of many promising milestones ahead!

Who is Hurricane Artist Victim #6:  Don Coleman?

Don Coleman is a Canadian vocalist, songwriter, performer and AC/DC tribute vocalist whose original songs have received air play on broadcast radio in 126 countries. His songs have been acknowledged in writing by President Bill Clinton and HRH Prince William. Coleman's humanitarian efforts have raised thousands of dollars for many charities including the Canadian Cancer Society, The Friends of The Moncton Hospital Foundation and The Hospital for Sick Children. His song written for the charitable non-profit organization Moncton Headstart has been utilized by Headstart offices in California and Texas for the betterment of children and as an inspiration to members of the organization. He is a songwriter who has captured fans from around the world from all walks of life and musical tastes with his music that touches on many genres including; blues, adult contemporary, hard rock, bluegrass and country.

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Question for WHY Annie Armen Readers?
What key disciplines do you find in common between the fields of music and business?

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Annie Armen Show Presents: Artists ON FIRE (Series) -- Beat 2

"MUSIC expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent."  ~Victor Hugo

Annie Armen Presents
Artists ON FIRE (Series) -- Beat 2

Featured Guest ArtistsJohn Iris and Andy Mackie

Where:  Annie Armen Show

Who is Hurricane Artist Victim #3:  John Iris?
John "JP" Iris is from Albi, France, and he formed the band, Iris Corporation, together with Thibaut Gluchowski, and Will de La Perez.  An aura between Brit Rock and Oriental - Poetic and committed lyrics - this is the union of three musicians, each from a different background, standing in harmony on ecology, humanism and spirituality, rejecting communitarianism.  A consciousness-raising the band wants to share at every level of social, economical and spiritual pyramids to allow infinite hope. A final work that results in a style drawing from many cultural sources that reflects mankind of tomorrow.  “World Rock” uniting oriental sensuality and Rock power, ever respecting the balance and the cultural sharing essential for our earthly future.  EP: "First Saint Session" (2008) Album: "A New Saint Session" (2009)

Who is Hurricane Artist Victim #4:  Andy Mackie?

On May 01, 2009, Steve Hartman from CBS Evening News referred to Andy Mackie as the Modern Pied Piper who cheated death.  He further reported that, every time 70-year-old Andy Mackie draws a breath, it's music to his ears - whether there's a harmonica there or not. As CBS News correspondent Steve Hartman reports, Mackie's just glad to be alive.

Mackie jokes,
"I guess they don't need a harmonica player in heaven yet."

Today, 72 years of age (will be 73 in September) – THANK YOU GOD -- Mackie, a Scottish-born retired cattle farmer, lives in a camper in northwest Washington state -- he lives there, even though technically -- medically -- he should have died long ago.  After his 9th heart surgery, Mackie's doctors had him on several different medicines.  But the side effects made life miserable for him.  So one day he quit taking meds and decided to spend his final days doing something he always wanted to do.

He used the money he would have spent on the prescriptions to give away 300 harmonicas, with lessons included.  "I really thought it was the last thing I could ever do," he says. And when he didn't die the next month, he bought a few hundred more. Harmonicas in hand, he explains, "I just started going from school to school." It's now 11 years and 20,000 harmonicas later.

About Andy Mackie Music Foundation


The Andy Mackie Music Foundation provides instruments, lessons & scholarships to children who want to learn to play music. The Foundation operates on donations from the public, non-governmental organizations and businesses.

Through more than 14 years of dedication, the Andy Mackie Music Foundation (est. 1996) has enriched the lives of children, families & communities through music.

The Foundation provides instruments & lessons to children to foster confidence and a sense of self. The Foundation also encourages children to perform in fundraising concerts which, together with grants & donations, provide the money for instruments, materials, lessons & scholarships to graduating seniors.

Andy has taught more than 20,000 children to play harmonica, mostly in public schools. His efforts were recognized in 2005 at the Northwest Folk life Festival where he set the Guinness World Record for the largest harmonica band ever to perform in one place.

His foundation has also helped more than a thousand children to play stringed instruments and has awarded 105 $500 scholarships to graduating high school seniors to be used toward continuing education. Currently, 5 high school shops in Clallam, Jefferson & Kitsap counties are building instruments for classes of younger students.

Music is Andy’s gift to the world. 
You can help the Andy Mackie Music Foundation continue to touch countless young lives with the joyous gift of music, along with the lasting confidence and harmony it bestows in children’s lives.

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Annie Armen Show Presents: Artists ON FIRE (Series) -- Beat 1

"Take a MUSIC bath once or twice a week for a few seasons.  You will find it is to the soul what a water bath is to the body."  ~Oliver Wendell Holmes
Annie Armen Presents
Artists ON FIRE (Series) -- Beat 1
Featured Guest ArtistsSam Amazyan and James Dore'
When:  Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Time:  3pm Pacfic | 6pm Eastern
Where:  Annie Armen Show

Who is Hurricane Artist Victim #1:  Sam Amazyan?
Sam Amazyan is a musican and a composer.  His greatest joy in life is creating and performing music that touches and enriches people's lives. Through his musical career, which started when he was 15, Sam Amazyan performed and experimented with a wide variety of musical styles (from classical, to jazz, to rock, to heavy metal, to European, to Middle Eastern music).  He has played lead guitar in different bands and always sought out by vocalists and band leaders. He has played in bands for audiences in Armenia, Russia, Europe, Australia, Brazil, and the USA.  Today, Sam Amazyan is enjoying performing nationwide at retirement and assisted living homes, helping people through his beautiful music with sounds of world music.  

Who is Hurricane Artist Victim #2:  James Dore'
James Dore’ is a singer/songwriter, and TV host, currently working on a CD entitled BLAZE! Dore’ has been performing music live, modeling, featured on billboard ads, fitness inform-mercials and fashion shows off and on since childhood. In addition to music, Dore’ has spent time hosting on a show called Destination TV that he wrote and performed the theme song. He has had the privilege of having four of his songs in a 2006 independent movie called Vampire Slayers. Dore’ was hailed as, “One of the best up and coming artist.” on The Tim Ryan Show Live. To sum it all up, platinum recording artist and Dove award winner BeBe Winnans described James Dore’s music as, “Good music with integrity.”   

A little something about WHY Artists on Fire

For many of our loyal fans and supporters, you have seen the Annie Armen Show travel through the world of causes, to the world of business, with occasional music programs featuring celebrity artists such as Chico Vega's Legendary Drifters, Rahmlee, Rob Mullins, and more.  Throughout the years, many of you have shared observations such as, "Annie, there is something so unique about your program.  Your show is all heart, all soul, you're on fire, your message is pure in seeking truth and solutions, and your music production rocks.  When you speak, you always communicate with heart, humor, wisdom, rhythm and infectious energy.  You are a drummer of words, etc..."  

Well, each and every one of you are highly astute in your observations!  WHY? Next to my number one core value of Faith, music has always been and will always be my core passion, rooted in my DNA since birth.  I was 3 years old when I first snuck into my dad's basement in New York to go on the drums and play a complex, time signature of 9/4.  Since then, I took my passion for music and rhythm and applied it in business and in life through communication:  Speaking | Consulting | Writing | Broadcasting | Performing

As a Communications Artist today, which includes the percussionist, drummer and singer side of me, how can I possibly turn my head the other way and not pay my respect to TRUE ARTISTS ON FIRE from the world of music?  Artists who are dedicated to their craft with all heart and soul; artists who push forward no matter how extenuating their circumstances; artists who have embraced resistance, in many cases ... lack of support from family and loved ones, judgment from folks in suits, while staying true and loyal to their dream.  Artists who walk to the beat of SHOW MUST GO ON, the very beat taught in business. 

Because I have experienced and live BOTH sides of the world -- music and business -- today, I am blessed with this rare privilege to be a soulful voice for our genuine artists who are ON FIRE, artists who do not know the meaning of quit.  We will talk about their lessons learned from failures, and their forward successes as a result thereof.

Moment of Hurricane Truth
Out of all the series and programs I have produced and aired throughout the years since television, this particular series -- Artists ON FIRE -- IS representative of my heart and soul, authentic to my very core and being!  What you will hear, what you will experience, will be nothing short of heart, love, soul, bringing out hidden treasures and details, often and unfortunately overlooked by many.

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Question for WHY Annie Armen Readers?

Are you a musician, artist applying your anointed gifts and abilities in business and in life? Do you have an inspiring story to share?

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