Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Annie Armen Show Presents: Artists ON FIRE (Series) -- Beat 2

"MUSIC expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent."  ~Victor Hugo

Annie Armen Presents
Artists ON FIRE (Series) -- Beat 2

Featured Guest ArtistsJohn Iris and Andy Mackie

Where:  Annie Armen Show

Who is Hurricane Artist Victim #3:  John Iris?
John "JP" Iris is from Albi, France, and he formed the band, Iris Corporation, together with Thibaut Gluchowski, and Will de La Perez.  An aura between Brit Rock and Oriental - Poetic and committed lyrics - this is the union of three musicians, each from a different background, standing in harmony on ecology, humanism and spirituality, rejecting communitarianism.  A consciousness-raising the band wants to share at every level of social, economical and spiritual pyramids to allow infinite hope. A final work that results in a style drawing from many cultural sources that reflects mankind of tomorrow.  “World Rock” uniting oriental sensuality and Rock power, ever respecting the balance and the cultural sharing essential for our earthly future.  EP: "First Saint Session" (2008) Album: "A New Saint Session" (2009)

Who is Hurricane Artist Victim #4:  Andy Mackie?

On May 01, 2009, Steve Hartman from CBS Evening News referred to Andy Mackie as the Modern Pied Piper who cheated death.  He further reported that, every time 70-year-old Andy Mackie draws a breath, it's music to his ears - whether there's a harmonica there or not. As CBS News correspondent Steve Hartman reports, Mackie's just glad to be alive.

Mackie jokes,
"I guess they don't need a harmonica player in heaven yet."

Today, 72 years of age (will be 73 in September) – THANK YOU GOD -- Mackie, a Scottish-born retired cattle farmer, lives in a camper in northwest Washington state -- he lives there, even though technically -- medically -- he should have died long ago.  After his 9th heart surgery, Mackie's doctors had him on several different medicines.  But the side effects made life miserable for him.  So one day he quit taking meds and decided to spend his final days doing something he always wanted to do.

He used the money he would have spent on the prescriptions to give away 300 harmonicas, with lessons included.  "I really thought it was the last thing I could ever do," he says. And when he didn't die the next month, he bought a few hundred more. Harmonicas in hand, he explains, "I just started going from school to school." It's now 11 years and 20,000 harmonicas later.

About Andy Mackie Music Foundation


The Andy Mackie Music Foundation provides instruments, lessons & scholarships to children who want to learn to play music. The Foundation operates on donations from the public, non-governmental organizations and businesses.

Through more than 14 years of dedication, the Andy Mackie Music Foundation (est. 1996) has enriched the lives of children, families & communities through music.

The Foundation provides instruments & lessons to children to foster confidence and a sense of self. The Foundation also encourages children to perform in fundraising concerts which, together with grants & donations, provide the money for instruments, materials, lessons & scholarships to graduating seniors.

Andy has taught more than 20,000 children to play harmonica, mostly in public schools. His efforts were recognized in 2005 at the Northwest Folk life Festival where he set the Guinness World Record for the largest harmonica band ever to perform in one place.

His foundation has also helped more than a thousand children to play stringed instruments and has awarded 105 $500 scholarships to graduating high school seniors to be used toward continuing education. Currently, 5 high school shops in Clallam, Jefferson & Kitsap counties are building instruments for classes of younger students.

Music is Andy’s gift to the world. 
You can help the Andy Mackie Music Foundation continue to touch countless young lives with the joyous gift of music, along with the lasting confidence and harmony it bestows in children’s lives.

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~Annie Armen


  1. It was really a great moment Annie !
    This interview was the best I've ever had, for sure ! You're really wonderful !
    Your show is invaluable for all musicians and people lovingly involved in their passion, like you are.
    Million thanks, you're precious,

    John - IRIS Corporation

    And a very special thank to Michael and his help.

  2. Dearest John,
    Thank you so much for acknowledging Michael,as he helped all of us tremendously. Bless you for that... and I cherish your feedback John. Gracefully receive your compliment and take it to heart for I know you wrote these words with heart, just as you play music with all heart and soul.

    This great moment you speak of, was mutual my friend! Was an absolute joy and sheer blessing to interview you. You are a RARE gem, and most definitely the pride and joy of France together with William and Thibaut. Please give them my BEST regards with profound gratitude and appreciation!

    What sets you apart from the pack is your authentic vision, and your rare gifts of musical sensitivity and sensuality! The way you blend the various cultural sounds into the core of your musical pieces while fusing it with progressive rock and metal, simply breath taking, visionary, highly authentic, and second to none! The moment I heard your tune "Highest Love", from the first few notes, that was it for me. Immediately added your song to my "Take 5" section on YouTube, and made a mental note to myself that soon, I was going to surprise you by inviting you as a special guest on my show, and air your piece in its entirety!

    John Peter Iris, this is JUST the beginning ... God bless you, Iris Corporation, and all your friends and loved ones who stand by you, pray for you, and support you. You have the Hurricane in your corner, and you have a friend in me for the long haul! ~Annie


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