Thursday, July 14, 2011

What IS the Right Price and WHY?

Stuck on a Book Project?  Consult with Annie Armen, Communications Artist
Remember the old classic game show, “The Price is Right, hosted by Bob Barker?” 

Here’s a scenario for you…Let me know your thoughts in the “comments” section below, at the end of this article.  It will be interesting to see what "prices" you come up with after you've had a chance to read through this piece.


Place yourself in the shoes of an author who not only writes articles, but also writes business books.  Now, you’ve composed and self-published several hardbacks, but there is this one comprehensive manuscript you just completed, that you find so practical, so tactical that you genuinely believe and know, there is no other published work out there which contains “usable information now” you’re about to unleash into the business world.  Your written masterpiece will save so many business professionals, years of heart aches and pitfalls you experienced.  So far so good…right?

Houston, we Have a Problem … I’m Stuck!!!
Here you are about to blast off with your comprehensive book to the public, but you’re stuck on “pricing” because unlike your other collections, this particular masterpiece contains over 600 pages of both relatable and actionable tips spelled out in simplicity and clarity, which will serve as a daily road map for small business owners and entrepreneurs throughout.  So you hire a professional business consultant for guidance.  The consultant says, “Start off by selling your book as an e-version at $XX.99”… 

You immediately ask yourself, “What is my goal … to sell books or to get the book out there to as many people as possible with the intention of getting hired to speak and educate the masses?”  Once you targeted your goal, you replied with the price of $X.99 as a reasonable and fair value because you know this will be a book folks will use daily for their immediate business needs.
Now That You Have the Scenario… I ask you…
What do YOU believe IS the right price for a comprehensive “E-Book” of Business of over 600 pages, and WHY?

Better yet, what price would you be willing to pay for an E-version of a comprehensive business book and WHY?

Fire away,
~Annie Armen

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