Wednesday, December 14, 2011

That Does it ... I’ve had Just About Enough of This!

Customer Satisfaction vs. Customer Loyalty |
"Be everywhere, DO everything, and never fail to astonish the customer."  ~Macy's Motto

Today's post is Inspired by the BBC Classic – Two Ronnies, Fork Handles ....

Have you met The "Difficult" Customer?

"Customer satisfaction is worthless. Customer LOYALTY is priceless." ~ Jeffrey Gitomer

Have you had a run in lately with a “difficult” customer?  How about, the slightly peculiar one who may communicate his/her requests in a way that you may not immediately comprehend, leading to the rise of inner frustration levels, eventually resulting in words of outrage expressed, such as -- “That does it, I’ve had just about enough of this!” 

Looking for "Washers"  

Now… let’s say a customer walks into your fine establishment and requests for “washers”.  You (the seller) immediately presume the consumer is asking for dish washers, and begin directing said customer to the aisle where the dish washers are at.   

Moments later, customer comes back and says, “No ... washers.” 

Seller:  “Oh, you mean floor washers… that will be in aisle 10, sir.”    
Customer:  “No, I am looking for washers.”    
Seller:   “Then you’re looking for windscreen washers.  That will be in aisle 5, sir.”    
Customer:  “No, not windscreen washers … I am looking for washers, please.”    
Seller:  “Sir, have you checked for our car washers in aisle 3?”  
Customer:  “Not car washers … looking for washers.”    
Seller:  “That does it!  Mr. Smith, will you come out and serve this customer…I’ve had just about enough of this!” 

Questions for Why Annie Armen Readers

1.  What do you find to be the central “issue” in this particular scenario?    

2.  When the seller called out for Mr. Smith to the rescue, was that his best choice of remedial action to take in handling the “difficult” customer?     

3.  Could the seller have managed the situation differently?  If your answer is yes, tell us how so…

Looking forward to reading your answers! 
 ~Annie Armen    

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