Friday, December 24, 2010

We Are an Extension of Each Others' Credibility!

Consult with Annie Armen, Communications Artist
About a month ago, I asked the following question on Linkedin:

What do you think of the principle, “We Are an Extension of Each Others' Credibility”?

As a business professional, owner, and expert, how would you “best” and “clearly” define this principle as you see it?

Do you find the implementation of this principle to be effective for your business, and in your professional networking endeavors?

If your answer is yes,
1. From a tactical and revenue generating standpoint -- “HOW” is implementing this principle effective?

2. From a relationship building perspective -- “WHY” is applying this principle in your business and networking endeavors important?

In total, I received 30 answers, out of which 19 were publicized before Linkedin closing date.  Out of 19 made public, I had promised to publish the "BEST" answer on my new blog, just before Christmas, and here we are ... Christmas Eve.  

I must admit, choosing the "BEST" answer was a bit of a challenge and here's "WHY."  I was hoping to find a reply that addressed two KEY values in not only building credibility, but moreover, as an extension of each others' credibility -- Loyalty AND Trust!  Only one answer out of 19 publicized, and 30 submitted via emails, targeted "loyalty", and that was by my exceptional client, Don Farrell -- Chief Cultivating Officer at Fresh Revenues.  Therefore, in loyalty to my core values, and in loyalty to my client, Don Farrell for being the only one who addressed the Loyalty factor, proper acknowledgment with respect is in order.

Now... Out of 30 answers total, there were five that addressed the "TRUST" factor.  I found the answer by Brad Federman, President at Performancepoint, LLC to be spot on, precise, thorough, organized, and to the point with clarity and punch!   

Without further ado, drum roll please... presenting, Brad Federman's answer to my question:  What do you think of the principle, "We are an Extension to Each Others' Credibility"?  (See immediately below)

Credibility is an extension or outcome of trust. Trust is largely a function of presence. Am I present and in the moment with my employees, co-workers, and clients. When I am able to reduce ego, agendas, my need for my own personal preferences, and distractions I am able to hear things I could not before or hear things in new ways. Typically we are caught up in things that have happened prior to a meeting or what will happen afterward, and we miss much that is in front of us. When we are truly present:

1. We ask questions we would never have before.
2. We clearly recognize the commitments we make.
3. We solve problems with the other person in mind.
4. We are willing to co-create or co-discover.

All of these things make us more reliable, credible, and authentic.

For example, sales people who are able to let go of their agenda and focus on their client ask more thoughtful questions and spend more time understanding needs and close more sales. Clients are more confident and therefore more credible with you and with others.

Sales people who focus on their own "stuff” try and close sales early and ask leading questions in order to try and make a sale and sell less. Clients are less confident and therefore lack credibility with you.

It is interesting, but the phenomenon really is the more you can focus on others the more successful you become. Even more incredible is that you build a stronger more impactful relationship with trust. Everyone wins. People talk more, collaborate more, are more creative, and it takes less time because there is trust and everyone drops their guard or metaphorical mask. Everyone wins and everyone becomes more credible.     

--Brad Federman
   President, Performancepoint, LLC.

For those of you who have only recently joined me on my new blog, THRILLED to see you here and welcome aboard!  

I now ask you, "What are your thoughts on this profound yet key phenomenon -- We are an Extension of Each Others" Credibility?" 

An inquiring Hurricane would like to know,
~Annie Armen

P.S. Hurricane Caveat:  When you post your reply, please be respectful of Annie Armen Show Sponsors, Clients, and Partners before you publish a link to your business on  my blog.  I am taking both the professional and LOYAL responsibility in being respectful of their investments, and know that I would do the same for you too, if the shoes were reversed.  I thank you all in advance for your support and understanding.  Should we come across promotional links to advertise your business, understand that my team and I reserve the right to remove such links, for reasons communicated here.  I believe that if you were in their shoes, you would expect the same service from me, and you would most certainly have that, without question!  If you are interested in joining my sponsors, clients, and partners, I am currently running a Christmas Special, which will only be extended to 5 "select" businesses.  You are welcome to send me a message behind the scenes for details, should you be interested in finding out more.  Respectfully, ~Annie Armen

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