Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What is the Focus of "WHY Annie Armen" Blog?

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Dear Friends,

After completing 10 years of broadcasting in excellence through television, mainstream and online radio, today, I get to capture this accomplished moment in time and celebrate our 10 year victory by starting off with these two words -- THANK YOU! Dear friends, loyal isteners, and viewers of The Annie Armen Show, THANK YOU, from the core of my heart for your loving support and continued participation throughout the years.  While it has been my honor to bring to you some of the best influential leaders and passionate beings who have shared their life’s walk on how to succeed in business and in life, it has equally been, if not more my joy and blessing to hear from you, to contribute with you, to share in your journeys, to pray with you in and out of storms, and today, to celebrate with you, 10 Years of Broadcasting in Excellence!  WOW!
Now, you didn’t honestly think I was going to stop there, did you?  The best way I like to make announcements is with a roaring drum roll!  As the drum roll crescendos, I am thrilled to announce my NEW Blog, WHY Annie Armen, which will be The Hurricane Portal to connecting with successful businesses (small, large, corporate all inclusive), organizations, educational institutions, accomplished business professionals, entrepreneurs, educators, artists / entertainers, and of course, loyal friends and loved ones.  Together, we will encourage and empower one another to achieve business goals and objectives exceeding desired results, by exchanging and engaging in creative / progressive ideas while building and experiencing global camaraderie. 

What is the focus of “Why Annie Armen” Blog? 

Intentionally left this question for last!  For purposes of clarity, my tactical approach always begins on an intrinsic level, from the “INSIDE OUT” rather than from the “outside in,” by targeting the burning question, “WHY am I here”.  Imagine the unprecedented impact of owning the answer to this profound yet intimate question will have, both personally and professionally!

Locking in on “WHY,” as being the primary question, I then ask you:  Are you looking for doable answers and sustainable solutions to the following 5 spotlight grabbing themes, surrounding both your business and life?

1.         WHY
2.         How
3.         Who
4.         ROI
5.         Green
If your answer is a resounding "YES," then you've landed here at Why Annie Armen Blog, with and for a purpose!  Anything and everything you can think of in business that falls within these 5 themes, bring it over!
Together, let’s be accountable to one another’s time and energy – our two most valuable assets!  Let’s commit to making an impact in 2011 by powering up on productivity, performance, and driving mutual, revenues results as we continue to forge ahead with service excellence! 
Welcome to Why Annie Armen Blog!  You are now in “THE EYE” of the Hurricane!
Now, how can I help serve you?

~Annie Armen
The Communications Artist


  1. Congratulations Annie! So happy to see you here and looking forward to creating some amazing storms together!!

  2. Thank you Susan! I too am looking forward to creating storms with you and with all our valued clients, colleagues, and circle of friends who are stepping out into the world as entrepreneurs ready to create impact! Buckle up, and expect the unexpected! Rock on Susan!!!

  3. Annie,

    So proud of you and so glad you have done this in HIS time. He will bless this venture as he has all of your other ventures because you have always been mindful to keep GOD as the foundation of all you do. Truly blessed to be a part of your life and to have had the amazing privilege to have been mentored by you.

  4. Hello AkuasKeiki,

    God Bless you and your little angels! Has truly been and continues to be, both a privilege and an honor to serve our Father in Heaven, and through His Grace and Will, be used as His messenger and mentor in your life! I too am blessed to be both a part of your life, and you/your family a part of mine. Thank you for stopping by, for posting your heartfelt congratulations, for your loyal support of the Annie Armen Show throughout the years, and above all for your loyal friendship!

    May future contributions that will be posted in this blog serve as a huge blessing to you in your professional endeavors, and to fellow mankind, no matter from what walk of life.

    In the mean time, enjoy a beautiful Christmas, and look forward to experiencing a prosperous New Year! God Bless you and yours!

  5. Congratulations Annie! This is a wonderful way to expand your presence and Divine work and give it all the exposure it deserves. Many blessings to you and wishing you a wonderful, blessed, happy Christmas!

  6. Hello Carlv:

    Thank you so much for stopping by my "new" blog, and for posting your congratulatory note! I believe this blog will be a blessing to many professionals,entrepreneurs,and businesses looking for solutions that are tactical, practical, and doable as opposed to philosophical views and theories that only give the mere illusion of answers, when in reality are just that, philosophies and theories with no real, tactical steps in showing people how get from where they are now, to where they want to go!

    That said, enjoy a blessed Christmas with your loved ones, and may your New Year bring you much health, joy, and success!


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