Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2011 -- Not Business as Usual!

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Hurricane 411 On the Latest Updates

1.     Annie Armen Show --  As we enter our second decade, the theme for 2011 is: “NOT BUSINESS AS USUAL”.  But for a handful of regulars, who will also be contributing authors with me for this blog,  I will be HIGHLY selective with guests going forward!  Bluntly stated, the era of entertaining theories, philosophies, or even stories that corroborate theories and philosophies on how to become successful is over as far I am concerned! Instead, I am swooping up GO-GETTERS who relentlessly work in the trenches, ready to show you “HOW” to get from where you are to where you want to GO (as opposed to where you want to “be”) in tactical, practical steps THAT WORKBottom-line, I am dedicating this year toward helping you, your company, your business and mine -- drive and generate revenues with impact.  Stay tuned for more Hurricane Announcements up ahead.

2.      WAAC Webinars you don’t want to miss!  Buckle up for announcements ahead.

3.      Speaking Events domestically and internationally in 2011.  More news later.

4.      Premiere launch of a comprehensive business book I was privileged to both manage, and contribute to as an author. Stay Tuned for exciting news to be mass publicized through the Annie Armen Show and through social media campaign in 2011.

5.     "Why Annie Armen” Professional page is now up on Facebook.  You are invited to visit us at and by all means, “like” us.  I appreciate your feedback, and just as important if not more, I value our connection!

6.     We are growing in leaps and bounds on Linkedin at   Send me an invite, and I will gladly accept!  As an open networker, I NEVER “IDK.”  For those of you who are new to Linkedin, "IDK" means “I don’t know” which in essence, is a negative ding toward your account if I hit “I don’t know” as opposed to clicking on “accept” to your invitation!

7.        Other Social Media Sites of Interest Where we can Connect:
    1.         Twitter: 
    2.         You Tube: 
    3.         Facebook:
    So how about it.  Let's take on business and life by the horns -- this time -- "Not Business
    as Usual"!

    Clients and Service Providers:
    1. In the course of generating mutual revenues, what key areas in business transactions have you experienced stumbling blocks toward achieving that end?
    2. What were those stumbling blocks?
    3. Lastly, what practical / tactical steps have you taken to overcome those stumbling blocks, and generate revenues in consistency over time? 
    Look forward to hearing your rockin’ comments!

    ~Annie Armen
    The Communications Artist

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