Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Annie Armen Show Presents: Is Your Business & Home Environment Toxic?

Annie Armen Presents

Topic for DiscussionIs Your Business & Home Environment Toxic?
Featured Guest Expert, Long Time Trusted FriendDr. Edward Group III

What is the Root Cause of a Toxic Environment?

CEO for Global Healing Center Dr. Edward Group III Says: "What science does not tell you is that the fastest way to help create a GREEN environment is to reduce the visits to the doctor's office and stop using chemical based toxic products. The truth of the matter is that the root cause of a toxic environment is - PEOPLE!" 

Who is my Trusted Buddy / Guest Expert, Dr. Edward Group III?

In short, Dr. Edward Group is a Doctor of Chiropractic (DC), a Naturopathic Physician (ND), a Diplomate of the American Clinical Board of Nutrition (DACBN), and a Diplomate in American Board of Functional Medicine (DABFM).  He has studied natural healing methods for over 20 years and now teaches individuals and practitioners all around the world the secret to heatlh!  He has shared the podium with world-renowned healthcare leaders including Deepak Chopra, M.D., Julian Whitaker, M.D., Joseph Mercola, D.O, Christine Northrup, M.D., and many more.

Dr. Edward Group is the author of The GREEN Body Cleanse who says:  "True success is measured by your ability to enjoy your passions and achievements after you accomplish them.  Anyone can manifest their desires; but if you're not healthy enough to enjoy them, these triumphs become suffering.  It's my passion to help heal the world and to show others the path to true happiness, passion and success in life!”

WHY TUNE IN TONIGHT on the Annie Armen Show?  Find Out:

1.  What is the single biggest reason why billions of people are suffering from poor health, lack of self confidence, passion and success?
2.  What Does a Toxic Body and Living Environment have to do with Success?
3.  Are you aware that office spaces are most likely making their employees sick?
4.  What are the top 5 ways to clean the air in your home and office space?
5.  So How Green is Green?

Valuable Reads & Resources from Global Healing Center:
Links provided below are personally researched by Dr. Edward Group III.

Question for Why Annie Armen Readers...

Do you have a before/after story you would like to share when you decided to go Green both at home and in your business?

Be sure to post your questions and comments below, after Annie Armen Show.  We want to hear from you.  


  1. Another top reason could be that they were either let down by their loved ones or not well supported or understood.

    1. Ravi... what you shared here... most unfortunately is more like an ongoing plague within families and "loved one" circles. I often find families wanting to show support if you (speaking generally) are in a vulnerable state, lost, feeling sad, weak, etc... Now... when the contrary is in place... meaning you (speaking generally) are in a decisive state of mind, you know what you want to do with your life, you know where you are going, but family or loved ones don't necessarily agree with your heart's mission -- oh watch the infestation of pain take effect, serving as an obstacle to hinder you from achieving "your" dream, as opposed to theirs... As I mentioned earlier... this is an ongoing plague and just breaks my heart every time I come across these "sticky", unpleasant situations that need not be there to begin with! All this can be summed up with one word -- EGO!


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