Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Annie Armen Show Presents: PART 2 -- The Energy of LOVE in Business and in Life!

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Annie Armen Presents
Topic for DiscussionPart 2 -- The Energy of LOVE in Business and in Life
Featured GuestYOU!

Dear Why Annie Armen Readers:

Wow, it has been years since I last did what I’m about to share with you now.  I'm going to run a special program this week due to receiving many requests and emails throughout the years about conducting an OPEN MIC, LIVE jam session ... phone lines open to all! 

What Does That Mean for You

YOU -- loyal readers and listeners, will be my guests, communicating LIVE on air, straight from the heart! 

WHY Listen In to the Archived Interview on the Annie Armen Show?

The topic will be about the Energy of LOVE -- Your Heart -- YOU!
  • What does LOVE truly mean to you
  • The role LOVE plays in friendships, in making | building | cultivating genuine connections in business, in establishing lasting relationships | marriages, and more
  • Applying LOVE to target the root of fears that get in the way of having life-long connections, of achieving success
  • Thriving with LOVE by tapping into its energy in business and in life, and my favorite… 
  • WHY Love?
What Can You Do

Seize this moment and post your confirmations below that you will be calling in for Part 2 - The Energy of LOVE in Business and in LIFE tonight, at 3pm PT.  Before you know it, you will be broadcasting LIVE with me! 

Folks, let’s rock!  Begin posting below…
Look forward to reading your comments! 

Here’s to hookin’ up with you LIVE with Annie Armen.


  1. Annie,

    I will be calling in on this show for sure. Your leadership, mentoring and Life Coaching has taught me so very much about LOVE, TRUE FRIENDSHIP and more over the years. I would be honored to be a part of this program

  2. AkuasKeiki,

    This is wonderful! Thank you for taking a moment to post your confirmation. We will make sure you get through. Will be my honor as well to have you on board. You have my profound gratitude!

  3. Paying it forward with nothing but love, I invite each and every one of you to go vote for Annie on the link provided as I have nominated her for an award at International Women's Day.

    Click on the link and then click on the Facebook Like button to cast your vote. Two clicks and that is it, no registering, email or advertising.

    Let us let the HURRICANE know how much we LOVE her from a genuine place.

    I also encourage everyone who is emailing her behind the scenes to thank her and show appreciation and gratitude to share here on her blog so others can be inspired, encouraged and given hope as they see first hand your testimony of how much you appreciate HURRICANE ANNIE. Let the world know as you share with Love, Faith, Hope, Joy and all the things we all love about HURRICANE ANNIE!!!

    LOVE YOU ANNIE!!! Going to go blast your facebook page. Great show and looking forward to the next one. Thank you for believing in me when I couldn't believe in myself.

  4. HI Annie, You had two great shows last week especially on love in the work place. Boy do we ever need that.


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