Thursday, April 11, 2013

How to Make Genuine Connections on LinkedIn

"The first ingredient in conversation is TRUTH; the next GOOD SENSE; the third good HUMOR; and the fourth, WIT."  ~Sir William Temple

The Protocols of Meaningful Connection
"Annie Armen, during her webinar brought something important to the surface that in retrospect might be obvious, yet due to the simple button-push mentality in LinkedIn (and other social networks) may not be so obvious: The protocols of meaningful connection. Would you ‘invite’ a stranger to personally connect with you based on only a business card or an advertising flyer? Would you ‘accept’ an invitation for a personal relationship from a stranger based on the same? Essentially, Annie has pointed out that the ‘invite/accept’ simplistic button-push process may be tantamount to only superficiality, not benefit.

Annie emphasizes that the quality of connection would bring increased viability and benefit over the quantity of merely superficial connections, and she clearly instructs how to achieve that quality in LinkedIn through the processes she utilizes.

My impression was that the thread of ‘communication’ in the way Annie Armen expresses it, could be a great ‘corporate seminar’ series.
Kudos Annie, and thank you!”  

~ Michael W. King, Ph.D.

Board Certified Coach
Consulting Psychologist

The Importance of Authentic Communication

“Annie delivered a well-structured, visually interesting and thought-provoking webinar, in her own unique style. Excellent points on how ‘not to’ connect on LinkedIn followed by the best ways to do it to gain quality connections.

She highly emphasized about the importance of communicating authentically when making genuine connections on LinkedIn, which made me think about how to offer help to networkers without sounding robotic.

Overall very informative and interesting.  Bring on more WAAC Webinars,
Annie Armen!”

~John McGrann
CEO at Drive Social Media

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss educational training opportunities where we can tactically and strategically address areas of concern as it pertains to implementing authentic communication in your business model / marketing endeavors with impact, please feel free to drop me a line.

“The more genuine you are in your approach, the ‘words’ you choose when marketing your stuff without sounding like others, desired/ideal clients WILL catch on and WILL contact you for business!”  ~Annie Armen, Communications Artist

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