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WHY Talk About Vaccines in a Professional Forum like Linkedin?

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As you may recall, I ran a show this past week on the topic of “Do I Give My Child a Flu Shot” featuring my close friend for years, Dr. Edward Group III from Global Healing Center.  Team Hurricane did a phenomenal job in posting program info and details in various professional forums, one of which was on Linkedin.

Earlier yesterday, I came across a comment posted on Linkedin that read as follows:
“Please explain what this has to do with business.  LinkedIn is a business link.”

What a great request!  I was thrilled to catch this.  WHY?  Simply because this particular thought runs in the minds of so many people, and finally someone stepped forward and openly communicated what was on his mind.  Imagine how many professionals on Linkedin this wonderful gentleman helped, whether or not that was his intention, by coming forward and requesting for an explanation.  Certainly gave me an opportunity to dive right in and do what I love doing best – explaining WHY behind it all

That said, I honored this gentleman's request by explaining in this manner …

"About a month ago, I had asked the following question on Linkedin:

What are your two most valuable assets in business and in life?

1. Time and Money
2. Sales Staff & Customer List
3. Tangible & Intellectual Property
4. Time and Energy
5. Family and Health
6. Time and Space
7. You and Human Capital

Once you decide on your final answer, explain "WHY" with clarity of purpose.”

Was simply promising to see answers that came back to "family and health," "time and energy"...


Questions in the form of answers:

1. Just because we are CEO-s, entrepreneurs, professionals, does that make us
immune to life's on goings, particularly when it concerns the health of our kids -- of our future leaders?  

2.  When we say the health of our kids is important to us, does that not mean at ALL times, including when we are doing business whether at work, or networking in a professional, virtual forum?

3. Do business professionals and leaders have children of their own to care for?  Does that not make them parents as well?  Aren't their children a very important reason as to WHY they work long hours to make sure their families are safe, secure, and well taken care of?

4. Even if one does not have children, does he or she not have colleagues,
business partners who are parents with children or pregnant with children on the way, who are perhaps open to receiving valuable "health" information that can be of benefit?

5. Very important...  Without our heath and energy, how can we run our business
effectively?  Moving along to the next question...

6.  If one's child got sick as a result of a flu shot (IMPORTANT:  See “Valuable Reads and Resources from Global Healing Center -- Links Below) and showed unusual symptoms, will that not affect the overall focus, effectiveness, efficiency of one's day in the office (let us remember, while a professional at work, a parent at home), thereby affecting one's productive time and energy?  Could this have been avoided by choosing to be aware of information that can help sustain better health at home, while ensuring a peace of mind at work?

7. "Success" is a relative, subjective term, defined uniquely by others regardless from what walk of life.  But no matter how we define it, investing "time" in gaining knowledge that can add to our "health" can only contribute more toward our present and future success.  After all, are they not connected?

My Goal is to Learn ONE Thing New Every Day!

In business and in life for that matter, we always encourage one another to learn on a daily basis.  How many times have you heard the following specific objective communicated throughout your journey:  “My goal is to learn ONE thing new every day”?  

Therefore, if we are to take "learning" as "conditional", limiting our daily learning by what we uniquely construe and individually define as “what is” or “what is not” business, we can unintentionally blind ourselves toward unexpected, unwanted, unintended consequences that could have been avoided, had we taken a proactive moment to learn, apply our goal, and pass that knowledge along to those we care about, and to those who can benefit from it.

And if that’s not bad enough, because of our personal thinking and beliefs, unless we are careful and purposeful, we are in effect depriving other professionals/parents from gaining knowledge that may have been vital to him or her – a perfect example of an “unintended consequence” leading toward more unintended consequences, such as emergency hospitalization -- and that is no exaggeration! How can that be good for anyone's business?

Bottom-line, HEALTH beginning with our kids, with ourselves, is VITAL to our long-term success, and the two go hand in hand -- hence my WHY behind posting about vaccines in a professional forum like linkedin.

Hope my explanation to your request as to “what this has to do with business” has now been clarified.

Dear Why Annie Armen readers, what are your thoughts to all this?
Post your comments immediately below!

Pass it on!

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