Sunday, March 27, 2011

When you hear the words, "I am a Life Coach" -- What thoughts come to mind? BE HONEST!

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Dear Why Annie Armen Readers:

Just two weeks ago, I asked the following question on Linkedin:

When you hear the words, "I am a Life Coach" -- what thoughts come to mind?

To my unexpected surprise, 55 business professionals took a moment out of their hectic schedules to post their replies publicly, while several chose to respond privately.  Now I've decided to re-post this question on Why Annie Armen Blog, to extend the same opportunity to you.
When was the last time you experienced eyes rolling, or thinking silently within "here comes another one" the moment you heard the introduction: "My name is __________________, and I am a Life Coach.  How can I help you?"

We all know that this type of thinking extends toward other professions as well.  For the purpose of this discussion, I am choosing to focus on "life coach".  WHY?  I truly believe that your “honest” feedback here will provide insights to "genuine" life coaches, and no doubt will help their business in some way.

Again, be as HONEST as possible, communicating with respect and compassion! If you have a story to share, one that completely turned you off from working with life coaches, please do tell, without giving any names and in general terms.  On the flip side, if you have a story to contribute, one that moved you into productive action with results after working with a life coach, be sure to share this as well -- again, without revealing names... because the last thing you want is to be perceived as someone who is posting a plug on behalf of a friend/colleague to attract business for said life coach.  My hope is that your story will shed some light and resonate with hearts and minds currently swimming in the sea of confusion on this topic.

Both personally and professionally, I am always looking to connect with EXCEPTIONS TO THE NORM in every field, and I find that many professionals in specific fields (law, medical, insurance, just to name a few) go through similar unnecessary challenges simply because their profession has been negatively branded due to unethical practices by others, however to no fault of their own, and without WHY explanations.

Thank you all in advance for taking the time to contribute.  I truly believe your informative comments with feedback will help many professionals who are currently struggling in this particular field.  

Live Support