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Annie Armen Show Presents: It’s Not The End! What Matters is How You Finish!

Consult with Annie Armen, Communications Artist

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Topic for DiscussionIt's NOT the end! What Matters is How You Finish!
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"I am here for a purpose and that purpose is to grow into a mountain, not to shrink to a grain of sand. Henceforth will I apply ALL my efforts to become the highest mountain of all and I will strain my potential until it cries for mercy."  ~Og Mandino – Greatest Salesman in the World
Dear Why Annie Armen Readers,
Right now, in this very moment, are you going through a difficult time?  Do you feel helpless in your given situation, and feel stuck, not knowing what to do, where to go, who to talk to?  Do you truly believe that there is no hope to get you out of your quick sand, whatever that quick sand is to you?  Somewhere along the line, do you feel your Faith has been contaminated, where you just don’t know what to believe anymore?  In a given split second, has the faint thought of the very words, “it’s all over” crossed your mind, and that you’ve reached the end of your rope? 

No doubt, life has its twists and turns; at times in our favor, and at other times, plain unfavorable. Of course, the ideal situation would be to experience more pleasantries in life then having to go through struggles and challenges.  However, we both know that behind each and every problem, there lies our greatest window of opportunity should we choose to persist with the problem long enough to solve it and find out.

So, What Do you do?  Do you Sink or Swim?

Allow me to paint you a picture in this manner:
Imagine for a moment, you have no arms; you have no legs.  In fact, you were born this way.  Now, when you fall, do you stay down?  Or, do you pray for someone to come to your rescue and help you back up?  What if there is no one available in that given moment?  Do you wait while face down on the ground until someone arrives to elevate you back up?  Or, do you do everything you can to get yourself off the ground?

Now, perhaps this next question may cross your mind… How can someone with no limbs get himself/herself back up without any help?  If in fact you asked yourself this question, it is indeed a great question, one drawn from logic.   

With that, I am challenging you with the following:  If you are capable of asking such a great logical question, how about transferring some of that mental energy and fueling up your inner heart and will to believe that you CAN get up, and that you WILL commit yourself by taking consistent action toward getting back up no matter how many times you fall trying, and no matter how long it takes!  Easier said than done?  Of course!  However, have you considered that possibility as a choice?

Do You Know "What" ONE Word Stands Between Sink and Swim?

Let’s think about this for a moment … What is the ONE word that stands between sink or swim, between you staying face down on the ground or getting back up?  The ONE word that lurks in the background, hidden from eyes that can tangibly see, silent from ears that can hear, yet always there, available 24/7 at your beck and call, waiting for you to seize and take action.

I am dedicating tonight’s show to one rare human being.  A human being who defines “EXTRA” in front of ordinary; a human being who crushes the word “impossible” and by his faith and actions, exemplifies POSSIBLE.  When I came across this man’s journey, heard his motivational presentations, in my opinion, he stood out as the best motivational speaker I have ever come across to date.

WHO is this man you ask?   
TUNE IN TONIGHT and I will reveal answers to this and many others questions you may have.  In fact, I am inviting you to call in and join me, LIVE on the air.  When you hear what I have to share, I believe you will immediately feel empowered, and you will experience a surge to get back up and rise above your circumstances. 
WHY?  Because YOU CAN! 
WHY?  Because “It’s Not the End; What Matters is How You Finish” … Always remember this!
Napoleon Bonaparte said, “The Word IMPOSSIBLE is not in my dictionary.”

I am asking you …. is the word “impossible” in yours?  If “Yes”, what are you going to do about it?  Post your comments below, I want to hear from you!

“If one of moment of fear can give birth to failure, then one moment of FAITH can reverse it!”  ~Annie Armen, The Communications Artist


  1. My Beloved Annie, looking forward to today's show

  2. Great show Annie!
    We can all learn from Nick - what a guy!

  3. Thank you John for stopping by and for posting your feedback!!!

    I am so glad you had an opportunity to listen in.
    With regard to Nick, indeed... WHAT A GUY, and most definitely we can ALL learn from him!



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