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Communicate Anyway!

How to Bridge the Communication Gap Across Cultural Divides |
"Be yourself, everyone else is already taken." ~Oscar Wilde
(I dedicate this piece to my International Circle of Clients, Colleagues, Artists, and Friends ... Personal Message further below)

When Does Real, Mutual "Communication" Occur?
"The most important thing in 'communication' is hearing what isn't being said."
~Peter Drucker

Allow me to paint the picture in this manner...

Imagine for a moment you are at a concert where various classical pianists are about to perform. The first pianist (Pianist #1) plays with all his heart and soul. From the moment he strikes the ivory keys with a dissonant chord, the conflicting sound heard, sends chills up your spine leaving you fully engaged, in a state of mystery and intrigue.

Then, when the tension eases into melodic harmony, you can feel and instantly relate to the various emotional layers and undertones within his heart, as he opens his soul to you through his music and takes you on a personal journey with him, "communicating" feelings of happiness, sadness, intense passion, anger, loneliness, and sudden moments of silence, by applying purposeful dynamics through crescendos, decrescendos, pianissimos, and fortes -- leaving you on the edge, as you storm through intrinsic emotions, glued to your seat, with anticipation for what's next.

At that moment, you feel as though you are watching a movie, where YOU are the main actor/actress, emotionally experiencing moments of your life flashing by.  Has this happened to you? 

Continuing... with this particular performer, you are so in tune with his playing, that your ears, eyes, mind, heart, spirit, soul, and body are completely connected with every note played, as if he is speaking directly from your core being if you and the pianist are mutually "communicating" as one in the same -- exciting, real, meaningful, memorable, and timeless!  Dear friend... when was the last time you experienced real, mutual "communication" like this, whether personally, musically, or professionally?

So you ask yourself, "How can that be?  How can a complete stranger know what you are feeling within, and be able to 'communicate' your feelings through his music without ever having met you?"  

When Pianist #1 ends his performance, you then find yourself unable to let go, loudly applauding for an encore, while feeling disappointed within that the music, in essence your personal story was interrupted, much like conversations left unfinished.

However, there is nothing you can do... the next performer is already walking up the stage... 

Pianist #2, unlike the first performer, technically plays by the script in perfection, without missing a note ... without missing a beat... almost like a human machine ... however, without soulful feeling.  You can appreciate his work in mind, but completely find yourself disconnected in heart, and perhaps even confused.  In other words, as a listener, you can hear the notes being played... much like hearing and watching a technical Powerpoint presentation during a seminar for example, but you are unable to feel, relate to, and connect with the music, with the performer's heart, with the composer's purpose behind the composition. Is there real, mutual "communication" here?

Now .... Rewinding Back to the Original Question
When does real, mutual "communication" occur?

Answer:  When the message shared is felt by both the recipient(s) and the composer relating his/her piece!  Meaning... when words -- whether written, spoken, or sung (much like musical notes played as illustrated above by Pianist #1) -- are genuinely "communicated" with relatable feelings of love, comfort, trust, compassion, respect, and sincerity, nourishing one's mind AND heart, while transcending all cultural barriers ... THAT is when real, mutual "communication" occurs, leaving a lasting, purposeful impact , both in business and in life! 

Personal Message to my International Circle of Clients, Colleagues, Artists, and Friends With all my Heart:

Connect | CommYOUnicate | Cultivate with Love and Respect |
THANK YOU for doing your best everyday to try and communicate in English with me in private messages on Facebook as well as in professional messages shared on Linkedin... a language that is not your mother tongue. YOU have my utmost respect for Communicating Anyway!  NEVER, EVER apologize to me for your spelling mistakes and such.  Are you kidding me? It is I who should apologize to YOU for not trying hard enough to communicate with you in your language!

I appreciate you more than words can express... Grateful to you for making my life, and the lives of fellow Americans easier with your committed efforts!  

As Dr. Seuss says, "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter, don't mind." 

Bottom-line:  It takes TWO hands to clap to the symphony of life, so Communicate Anyway!  Just because you are unable to technically speak in a particular language, does not mean you are unable to "communicate" with a person who does and is ready to listen with intent and heart!

Always Remember to
"Be yourself, everyone else is already taken." ~Oscar Wilde

Be empowered to Communicate Anyway,
~Annie Armen

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