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Annie Armen Show Presents: Generate Revenues Using Social Media --Part 3 of Series

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"Great content is essential for success in leveraging social media for business. 
Prospects will be IN-TE-REST-ED if YOU are IN-TE-REST-ING!"
~John McGrann

Annie Armen Presents

Topic for DiscussionGenerate Revenues Using Social Media...Yeah Right!
Trusted Social Media Specialist, Dear FriendJohn McGrann ... LIVE from Dubai

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Short Recap from Parts 1 and 2 Below

Is Social Media More Than Just a Craze? Part 2
My dear friend who I call, TRUSTED Social Media Specialist, John McGrann  -- Chief Executive Officer at Drive Social Media, headquartered in Dubai -- returns on the Annie Armen Show to take on Part 2 with me in an ongoing series throughout 2011, "Is Social Media More Than Just a Craze".  On this round, we focused on developing a social media strategy where you can measure ROI.  Imagine that!  

Is Social Media More Than Just a Craze? Part 1

If you recall from Part 1 of, Is Social Media More Than Just a Craze, John talked about  5 steps to success.

What are those 5 Steps?

1.  Plan
2.  Presence
3.  Reach Out
4.  Nurture
5.  Maintain

He also said, in order to make social media work for your business, you need 2 things

1.  System
2.  Commitment 

Now, Who is John McGrann?
John McGrann is a UK national and his home was Cyprus for 10 years.  He has
lived in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) since April, 2010 and is married to Genny.
John has used his 20+ years IT and Oracle ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) management experience, chartered management accountancy training, social media certification and seasoned, people development skills to implement and drive business and systems performance on behalf of major organizations globally.

John has consulted on a range of projects and supports assignments for the UK
Government, and international private sector clients including but not limited to:  General Electric, Canon, Network Rail, Saudi Telecom, and Touristik Union International (TUI).

Nowadays, his main focus is social media consultancy. As mentioned earlier above, he is the Chief Executive Officer at Drive Social Media, headquartered in Dubai.

About Drive Social Media
In short, Drive Social Media (DSM) is about assisting clients in developing successful strategies, key training resources and in providing ongoing support to maximize value from social media marketing.  DSM provides excellent service and great value for money for  their clients.  Bottom-line, they have the expertise to understand, match, and exceed  clients' needs!

Valuable Resource to Share as a Take Away:

Questions for Why Annie Armen Readers...
1.  WHY do you find that folks across industries find it difficult to "identify revenue strategies" from social media? 2.  WHY do you find that folks across industries find it strange to "assign the value of revenues" to Social Media? 3.  Want to discover what NOT to do in order to generate revenues using Social Media?
4.  Do you have ONE revenues results story you can share after implementing Social Media into your marketing plan to attract business?
Be sure to post your comments immediately below!  

Fire away,

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  1. Hi Annie. Just found you at the suggestion of a friend. The points made in the podcast are excellent. In my work, I always like to confront the reality of what social tools will mean to a business by asking 2 key questions: "What do you want out of this?" (The best answer ever was - 10 additional sales per week Doug) Yes! specificity. And..."Do you have the DNA in your company to move from "wow this is cool" to part of your everyday life? If that answer is no...then we need to compensate. Being brutally honest about the long term deployment of social tools into the mix netted great clients and great stories...with far fewer flame outs. There IS ROI to be had and it's quite measurable but we must start from reality and move up from there :)

    Take care Annie.


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