Thursday, June 20, 2013

Grab a Cup of Courage and Just Ask!

Assumptions are Barriers to Effective Communication |

"Assumptions ARE barriers to effective communication, both at home and in the workplace." ~Annie Armen


Recently, I was asked this question:  “Annie, what can I do to achieve, maintain, and sustain a drama free environment both at home and at work?”
Great question! Short answer, as a starting point: ASSUME NOTHING!

When lack of communication is in the air, rather than waiting, over thinking, wondering, doubting and/or assuming for the best or for the worst, preserve your good energy and sanity, grab a cup of courage as opposed to a cup of coffee, and just ASK!

If you’re looking to achieve and maintain a drama free environment, it first begins with YOU! Communicate clearly what it is you want, and don’t stop there!

Be certain that all parties present are on the same sheet of music with you, with a mutually clear understanding of what has been discussed, and what is expected. Leave no room for doubts and assumptions!

Here is a checklist I prescribe to my clients that works without fail:

1. Proactively encourage questions to improve open communication,
2. Aimfully terminate doubts and assumptions to establish clear communication,
3. Mindfully lay out your expectations from the get go to exemplify and evoke trusted communication.

Easier said than done? Without a doubt! However, tremendously doable when fully committed! When you implement this checklist consistently over time, you will then “protectively” enjoy a drama free environment with those you choose to share your space with, whether in business or in life!


Reality Check

Any organization which lacks in trust will soon discover they will lack in funds down the road, negatively impacting their performance, productivity and bottom-line. Building trust within an environment where communication is scarce, preferential, fragmented, or just shattered presents a complex challenge. Therefore, an experienced communications consultant/advisor can be invaluable toward bridging those gaps of misunderstandings, tensions, unintended consequences, and lingering internal divisions to evoke collective trust, maximize performance, and generate desired ROI. 

Call us with any communication related concerns and/or questions.  Together we’ll explore favorable service deliverables tailored to your business needs and expectations.  We look forward to serving you!  

~Annie Armen
The Communications Artist

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