Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Annie Armen Show Presents: Social Media Doesn't Work for My Business -- Or is it Me?

Annie Armen Presents --
Social Media Doesn't Work for My Business -- Or is it Me?
Featured Guest Expert, Dear FriendJohn McGrann

Is Social Media More Than Just a Craze?
I know of one person who can truthfully answer this question in a strategic manner, with clarity and simplicity – John McGrann, Chief Executive Officer at Drive Social Media, headquartered in Dubai.

What is John McGrann's Company, Drive Social Media About?
In short, Drive Social Media (DSM) is about assisting clients in developing successful strategies, key training resources and in providing ongoing support to maximize value from social media marketing.  DSM provides excellent service and great value for money for  their clients.  Bottom-line, they have the expertise to understand, match, and exceed  clients' needs! 

Now... Drum Roll Please … Who is John McGrann?
John McGrann is a UK national and his home was Cyprus for 10 years.  He haslived in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) since April, 2010 and is married to Genny. John has used his 20+ years IT and Oracle ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) management experience, chartered management accountancy training, social media certification and seasoned, people development skills to implement and drive business and systems performance on behalf of major organizations globally.
John has consulted on a range of projects and supports assignments for the UK Government, and international private sector clients including but not limited to:  General Electric, Canon, Network Rail, Saudi Telecom, and Touristik Union International (TUI).

Nowadays, his main focus is social media consultancy.
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Questions for Why Annie Armen Readers...
1. What are your top 5 Social Media Complaints?
2. Do you have ONE revenues results story you can share after implementing Social Media into your marketing plan to attract business? 

Be sure to post your questions and comments below, during and after Annie Armen Show.  We want to hear from you.  

~Annie Armen


  1. I am compelled to post a comment about this particular show and topic. You know, I have been one of those people who has avoided jumping on the social media band-wagon, despite what I have heard from several of my colleagues. I have been trained to think that face-to-face meetings are the best way to generate business and leads....networking all together. I have shied away from these websites because I am not about seeing how many "friends" or "followers" I can rack up so that I can look like the prettiest girl at the dance. I dont need to let the world know where I am every 10 minutes or what I doing.
    I listened to this program with John and Annie and I must say, I am quite shocked at the staggering numbers that were presented on this call. The facts are, people are finding new ways to network and do business and I feel that if I take a look at my current views of these types of social media sites, that I just might get swept under the bumper of a very large, very fast moving vehicle. Now THAT would hurt! Me and my business.
    So....You've got my attention my dear Annie A! Im listening!

  2. Ana,

    Thank you for stopping by and for sharing your moving comments! As a performer, I can completely relate to everything you've shared here. Performers like yourself are always concerned with time,and rightfully so. I also subscribe to the teachings of face to face / phone to phone networking, as they are both more direct, more personal. Where many of us get blindsighted is in the VALUE of "CONNECTION" happening in the virtual world ... Just because the connection is happening via Internet, doesn't mean that point of connection is not real. In the end, it truly depends on you and me and what we decide to do with that connection once interaction has already taken place. Here is the reality -- "CONNECTION" can happen anywhere, anytime, through any medium, whether we see a person face to face, talk to a person over the phone, or message someone through social media points. How far we choose to pursue a connection in either case is always up to the participants involved in the formation of that connection.

    Therefore, when we shift our focus toward the value of "CONNECTION", then social media doesn't become such a chore for us performers, or a topic that raises initial doubts and concerns, especially when it comes to time.

    Many people use Social Media points to generate traffic. That's great! For each person, social media is a unique experience. What I highly recommend is:

    1. Write down what you are looking to achieve using Social Media points

    2. As the performer you are, transfer the principles you are already applying in your face to face networking strategies and implement it through social media points -- mainly the big four as John talks about: Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and You Tube. I don't doubt for one second you will see results, especially with your personality and drive.

    3. Just as we block out times during specific days of the week to make calls, apply that same principle and block out an hour a day, or two hours a day, whatever is most convenient with your schedule, and consistently, hit the social media points, over time. Again, you are bound to see results, simply inevitable.

    Seriously Ana, no expert or guru in this field can possibly teach you what you already know working in the trenches daily. All it takes is a slight shift in mindset as far as focusing on the value of "CONNECTION", and then transferring tactical steps you ALREADY take in achieving results in effective face to face networking, toward social media points to accomplish the same if not more.

    You know what it takes to connect! Have no doubt in my mind, that you will be an absolute natural at this!

    Ana, genuinely hope this helps add value to your existing business model.



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