Saturday, January 8, 2011

What are Your two Most Valuable Assets in Business and in Life?

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1. Time and Money
2. Sales Staff & Customer List
3. Tangible & Intellectual Property
4. Time and Energy
5. Family and Health
6. Time and Space
7. You and Human Capital

Once you decide on your final answer, explain "WHY" with clarity of purpose.

Optional Challenge:
After you explain your why, ask yourself: "Are my two most valuable assets in the current what I truly 'need' as my two most valuable assets for the long-term, to thrive in business and in life?"

Fire Away!
~Annie Armen


January 2011 Opportunity to get Published on
Why Annie Armen Blog! 

Every month, I will be posting a question on Linkedin, to give you an opportunity to answer and get published on my blog.  Be sure to PASS IT ON to your friends and colleagues who wish to take part in answering today's question:  "What are your two most valuable assets in business and in life?"  

Hurricane 411You now have 7 days and counting to submit your answer on Linkedin  Only the BEST Answer will be published.

Note: Let us remember that there is no right or wrong answer here.  Imperative that we purpose kicking all judgments, opinions (good or bad) out the door, and embrace each answer with utmost respect, encouragement, and gratitude!

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