Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Annie Armen Show Presents: The Art of Cultural Networking!

Cultural Networking | Consult with Annie Armen, Communications Artist

Experience Cultural Networking on the air!

Just because we speak the same language, does that necessarily mean we are the same people?

No doubt, traveling is fun!  Meeting new people, experiencing varieties of life whether through music, food, entertainment, always a beautiful thing!  Now, how can we effectively apply some of those experiences in business when networking with professionals from different cultural backgrounds, especially when networking in their home country?

Tonight, I’ve decided to replay a program I produced over a year ago to provide insights to that very question!  Within this interview, I also share about my rare experience in Egypt regarding the values of “time” and “respect”, when visiting the Head of the Parliament with a colleague of mine.  You’ll just have to tune in to catch the rest of the interview for my “WHY” behind that particular disclosure.  (smiles)

Also in this program, you will hopefully discover the artistry in blending American and Indian cultural networking flavors, the do-s and don'ts, while grooving to the more modern Indian Music Beat.

Tune in tonight, on the Annie Armen Show and experience cultural networking and cultivation on the air! 

Hurricane 411:  Starting next week, expect NEW production, NEW guest line up, LIVE programming where you can also call in and participate.  Stay tuned for more upcoming Annie Armen programming details.  Visit Annie Armen Show for direct access to show information and archives!

Now... I would love to hear of your cultural networking experiences abroad as it applies to business.  What cultural networking nuggets can you offer drawing from your professional journey that can help guide others in a practical / tactical way in growing his/her business effectively?

Post your comments and share your story!
~Annie Armen

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